Wound care center in Aventura

Aventura Hospital and Medical Center's wound care doctors and nurses provide advanced treatments and relief for patients in Miami with chronic, non-healing wounds. Our Wound Healing Center brings together an expert team with knowledge in wound management and hyperbaric medicine.

For a referral to our Wound Healing Center, call our Consult-A-Nurse® team at (888) 256-7692.

Top choice for wound care

Our Wound Healing Center uses the most advanced medical research and technology available. Our patients have experienced healing in just a few months, when other traditional treatments have failed.

People choose Aventura Hospital and Medical Center's advanced wound care treatments for:

  • State-of-the-art wound healing
  • Respectful outpatient environment
  • Multidisciplinary team care
  • Efficient referral process

Wound healing therapies and treatments

The Wound Healing Center offers the following advanced treatment methods:

  • Vascular and podiatric assessments—Examinations of veins, arteries and lower extremities
  • Nutritional and diabetic counseling—Dietitians offer recommendations for dietary changes to patients with poor diets or patients with diabetes
  • Bioengineered tissue substitute—Aids in the regeneration of skin tissue
  • Vacuum assisted closure—Wound healing through a decrease in air pressure
  • Growth factors—Manufactured wound healing proteins
  • Compression wraps—Pushes out extra fluid through compression to improve blood flow
  • Vascular surgery—Operations on the vascular system, veins and/or arteries to improve blood circulation
  • Endovascular intervention—Noninvasive procedures to treat affected blood vessels

Hyperbaric chamber

To expedite the wound healing process, our hospital uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) involves breathing 100 percent oxygen in a sealed chamber. This concentration is five times higher than the normal air we breathe, and the chamber is also pressurized to create up to three times the normal atmospheric pressure.

Patient experience at the Wound Healing Center

Before beginning treatment, our team will evaluate your wound and review your medical history and general health. We may request further testing to provide vital information about the flow of blood and oxygen to your wound.

Once your test results are back, the wound healing team will develop a treatment program based on your individual needs. We will evaluate your wound and its healing progress at each follow-up visit.

You will attend regular appointments at our center for treatment. We will provide you and/or your caregiver instructions on home wound care, including dressing changes and ways to protect your wound from further injury.

Your wound treatment plan depends upon your own participation and commitment. You are an active member of your wound management team. In order to be successful in your wound treatment, you need to keep your appointments, follow directions carefully and closely monitor your progress between visits.

Our wound healing team is readily available to answer questions about treatments and at-home care.

Insurance information

Many health insurance plans will pay for treatment at our Wound Healing Center. Your coverage will be based on your specific insurance plan. Please be sure to bring your insurance card with you when you visit our center.