At Aventura Hospital and Medical Center, we are dedicated to providing excellent care 24 hours a day; 7 days a week. Our hospitalist program helps us do just that. Hospitalists, like other specialists, get their title from their focus on a specific practice of medicine. Some specialists receive their name because of the organ they treat such as cardiology; or the age of their patients, like pediatricians. But there’s another group named after the location where they practice medicine, like emergency physicians and hospitalists. Hospital medicine is a medical specialty dedicated to the delivery of comprehensive medical care for hospitalized patients.

Caring for Our Patients from Diagnosis to Discharge

Hospitalists are physicians who specialize in the types of medical care provided to patients admitted to the hospital. These physicians cover patient care from admission to discharge. Traditionally these physicians are trained and board certified in internal medicine, but they can also be trained in family practice, critical care, pediatrics and other specialties.

Hospitalists work with patients exclusively within the hospital, and their work is integral to improving the quality and processes of care. The hospitalist team will attend to patients during their stay at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center to make sure every patient receives the personalized medical care they need.

Orchestrating Care

Sometimes the complexity of a hospitalized patient requires coordination of several physician specialists who work around-the-clock to provide exceptional treatment. Hospitalists act as orchestra conductors who manage the patient’s treatment and progress by working with other specialists and departments within the hospital, primary care physicians and outside experts to provide the most comprehensive and streamlined care possible.

After patients are discharged, they return to their primary care physician ready to continue their care outside our hospital.

If you do not have a primary care physician, please visit our Physician Directory for a list of affiliated physicians.