The American Diabetes Association logo The Diabetes Program at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center has earned continued recognition from the American Diabetes Association (ADA). ADA recognized our program’s educational services as meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management. Since it’s opening in 1990, the Diabetes Program has provided basic and comprehensive education within its extensive outpatient program. Using a multidisciplinary approach, our team of physicians, endocrinologists, certified diabetes educators, registered dietitians/nutritionists work closely with the patient to provide instruction on diabetes management, as well as its immediate and long-term effects.

The purpose of the Diabetes Program is to provide current, high quality diabetes education and treatment services under the guidance of the patient’s primary care physician.

Our goal is to provide the necessary tools in order for the patient to take full control over the management of their diabetes. This is accomplished by the following:

  • Increasing the patient’s self-management skills
  • Increasing the patient’s independence in the daily management of diabetes
  • Creating a positive atmosphere in which patients can rely on the consistent support of the diabetes care team

Ongoing Support

Managing your diabetes is easier with ongoing support and education:

  • The Diabetes Support Group is an independent, non-profit organization that meets at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center.
  • Outpatient Diabetes Education Classes and Outpatient Diabetes Exercise Classes are offered on an ongoing basis.

For the dates, times and locations of our support groups and education programs, please call the Diabetes Program at (305) 682-7266.

American Diabetes Association

The Diabetes Program at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center has been awarded recognition by the American Diabetes Association in accordance with the National Standards for Diabetes Patient Education Programs.

The staff at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center Diabetes Program looks forward to helping you manage your diabetes and live a healthier lifestyle.

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