Welcome from the Program Director

Welcome to our Psychiatry Residency Program at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center and thank you for considering to become a Psychiatrist. We are delighted to offer a solid, four-year categorical ACGME accredited program with a variety of clinical and academic opportunities. The curriculum is designed to develop and prepare clinicians to become effective, safe psychiatrists.

We offer a hospital-based training led by dedicated medical professionals and interdisciplinary teams. Residents will have the opportunity to get trained through protected scholarly activities, dynamic clinical rotations, teaching assignments, and research involvement. The hospital environment is resident friendly and very collegial. Our secondary clinical sites, Henderson Behavioral Health Clinic, Recovery First, and University Hospital and Medical Center, have also great experience in medical teaching and community service. The clinical rotations aim to emphasize evidence based medical practice, as well as integrating up to date medical knowledge in psychopharmacology, neurobiology, and psychotherapy. Our teams strive to work within collaborative models of care and empathetic-cultural sensitivity.

Our mission is truly to promote cohesive and outstanding medical education in the field of psychiatry. We are committed to supporting our residents’ career path and leadership skills. We value applicants in good academic standing with a genuine interest in the field of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Thank you again for visiting our site.

Clara Alvarez Villalba, MD, FAPA
Director, Psychiatry Residency Program
HCA Healthcare | Aventura Hospital & Medical Center