February 2-3, 2018 | Kovens Conference Center

About the Symposium

The 2nd Annual Miami Thyroid Oncology Symposium will highlight the changing paradigm in thyroid cancer management in the age of genomics and molecular diagnostic. Distinguished faculty at this one-day conference will present on next generation genomic sequencing for more accurate diagnosis of thyroid nodules, their characterization prior to surgery as a guide for determining the extent of surgical interventions, as well as most recent advances in radioactive iodine imaging and therapy technology.

The meeting will also present the initiative for a consortium, a scientific collaboration platform for endocrinologists and surgeons, in South Florida region. Specifically, the availability of a new thyroid nodule/cancer genomic registry and its potential role for betterment of care of thyroid patients will be highlighted. The symposium will also serve as a platform for thyroid cancer survivors to share their patient journey and contribute to the support of persons managing thyroid cancer in the changing paradigm.

Symposium Co-Directors

Dr. Yuri Nikiforov, MD, PhD