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Heart Attack Patient Gets a Hero's Welcome & Reunites with Rescuers

(Aventura, February 9th, 2010) -- On August 19, 2009 Karen Henderson, an Asset Protection Associate for Walmart, witnessed a burglary at her store #3397 in Miami Gardens.  Karen assisted in apprehending the suspect in the parking lot and retrieving the stolen items.  On her way back into the store she collapsed suddenly in the middle of the parking lot.  Ms. Henderson had suffered a heart attack. 

Fortunately, Sergeant Jorge Yero of Metro Dade Police Intracoastal District immediately responded performing both C. P. R. and applying A. E. D. twice to administer emergency care to the patient.  Miami Dade Fire Rescue was dispatched to the site.  The rescue team stabilized the patient and transported her to the Aventura Hospital Emergency Department where she was placed on the Arctic Sun Code Ice Machine, a special device that immediately cools the body temperature of a heart attack patient to save brain function.

When Karen Henderson awoke in Aventura Hospital a few days later, she had no memory of the burglary or of what had occurred afterwards.  She only remembered dreaming she saw ancestors long passed gathered in a room surrounded by bright lights telling her that it was not her time to cross over.

Ms. Karen Henderson is a hero for her efforts to stop a burglary, and she is alive today thanks to the heroic efforts of Sergeant Jorge Yero, Miami Dade Fire Rescue, and the Emergency Staff and Cardiovascular Team of Aventura Hospital and Medical Center.

On Friday, February 12, 2010 at 3:00pm Aventura Hospital will host a special celebration in the mezzanine of our main building at 20900 Biscayne Boulevard in recognition of Heart Month.  The Arctic Sun will be placed on display for the community to view.  Ms. Karen Henderson will be there to share her story of survival with us.  She will be joined by members of the medical team who cared for her and the officer and EMTs who came to her aid in the field. 

We invite you to join us for this reception.  We have also confirmed that Hallandale Beach Fire Rescue will be present in recognition of another recent rescue that occurred at Gulf Stream Park.  The patient was transported to Aventura Hospital where he was revived twice using the Arctic Sun Code Ice Machine.  The family members will be present to thank Hallandale Fire Rescue and the Police Officer who was the first to respond.

Join Us

When: Friday, February 12, 2010 at 3:00pm

Aventura Hospital and Medical Center
20900 Biscayne Boulevard
Aventura, FL 33180

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